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Welcome and Howdy to Niralee’s world that is full of cool, interesting, unique, classy, artsy and adventurous things!

Niralee’s been versatile since childhood and has always been involved in different forms of art. As she grew up, she realised her passion lies in ideating, creating beautiful art, sharing stories, bringing smiles, and spreading positivity around her. She specializes in Brand Development, Graphic Design, and Visual Content Creation.


With 12 years of experience as an Art Director and Brand Designer, as a full-time employee and as an independent businesswoman, she has tried her hands-on varied brands and businesses and learned what it takes to tell a great brand story and help clients bring more business.


She is fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati but she strongly believes in the universal language of love wherein every human must feel seen, validated, and accepted.


When she is not designing, she is singing, dancing, doing yoga, conducting life talks with interesting humans on planet earth, or exploring a new space.

Apart from design work:


Niralee’s volunteer work with non-profits

She has been working for non-profits such as the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being and Dada Bhagwan Foundation for more than 6 years, assisting them with her skills as a public speaker in taking live sessions and designing their books, collaterals as a graphic designer.


Niralee’s volunteer work with kids and youth

In India, she has conducted Summer Camps and have played a lead role in the 'Spread Happiness Program' designing and hosting workshops based on essential values for day to day life and making it fun with learning activity-based experience through storytelling, drama, games, and interactive sessions.

Niralee’s work as a Blogger

As much as she loves to travel and share stories with people, she did a YouTube series showcasing different to-visit places in Los Angeles, CA. It is called 'My Beloved Los Angeles by Niralee Kamdar. She also hosts a group called 'Share it with Niralee' on Facebook where she encourages folks from different backgrounds to showcase their talents and hobbies.


She is lively and a kind human being before anything else. Connect with her and feel the positivity!


Advertising, Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity & Branding, Logo and Brand Guides, Tagline, Concept Presentations,  Print & Digital Media, Website Design,
Shopify Store setup & Design, Books & Magazine,

Tshirts & Merch, Environmental & Exhibition, Packaging.

My passion is to create the brand of your dreams.
Let's work together!

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