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Chocovico - Chocolate Bar Packaging Design



Chocovivo brand has been in business in Los Angeles since 2009 and they have a vertical supply chain and work directly with the grower. Their beans are coming from a region that is the birth place of cacao and used by the Mayans who took cacao and made it into something edible. The challenge was to bring that feeling of purity, to add the story to the package and inform the consumers of what they are buying is part of history and is organic and an affordable luxury.



I started with a few concept directions using different water color textures as the shop is 2 miles from the beach in LA and the client really was inclined to add some type of water element into it. The big slice of cacao pod was used to represent the bean to bar idea.  The client picked one of these directions and we decided to move forward with it for the rest of the flavours. Mayan Tradition was the first one to be completed in terms of design, layout, color and texture and then the rest were made after that was approved. It ended up into a very cool batch of chocolate bars and a happy client.







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