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Femme Fighter- Pattern Design and Boxing
Glove Designs



My client who is a fellow power woman- a boxing coach and personal trainer based in LA wanted to launch a line of boxing gloves for women for her brand Femme Fighter. She shared some references and asked me to come up with pattern designs and then design gloves based of the selected pattern. This line of gloves was referred to as "Animal collection".



Based on her mood board, I researched on patterns for leopard and zebra that are mostly used by other creators and then came up with 5 different iterations of both of those that were simple yet unique . She selected one of those and we moved ahead with trying those patterns in different layouts on the glove and worked on it until she had a favorite. Production was as much important on this one as it's a physical product and we made sure that she was happy with the end product.




Femme Fighter



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