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Fun Earth Co. - Logo, Brand Guide, Jar Packaging, Gift Box and SM templates


An hospitality client was coming up with a new line of products for Mushroom Supplements. They wanted me to come with a concept presentation for label design
of the 250 ML glass jars. They asked me to think 'Wordly, Apothecary, Earthy.
Grounded. Homegrown. Holistic. Organic. Nature. Earth tones.'



I worked on eye-catchy visuals, vector art, sketches, layout and typography. I tried integrating different textures, geometry and abstract shapes related to scientific mushrooms and their history. The end result was, they were confused which one to move forward with as they liked them all. However, later they ended up choosing
option 3. After that entire branding projwct was given to me. Currently, I am working
on other blends under the same product line. A lot of different collaterals have been designed meanwhile that helps them in brand marketing and good sales.




Fun Earth Co.



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