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Westworld- 4 DVD Box Set



In the internet age who wants to spend money on buying bulky DVDs? What if the DVD packaging is exceptionally awesome that you just have to buy it. Well, it’s my job to come up with ideas that the client would have never thought of, but once they hear it, they feel like that’s how they want it. This HBO series has a dual side, the old, vintage look and then the clean and modern aesthetic. I choose to blend some elements from both worlds as I wanted the buyers to the package just as the guests enjoy the theme park experience in the Westworld.




I started with the logo, the circuits depict the robots in the game, and since this game was about them, I used it as a main element. The maze is another vital element of the series since that is the key to the theme park, so I decided to have a grained wooden box with maze carved in it as the main package and then maroon sleeve over it with the logo and type. The DVD boxes reflect the main characters from the series and the DVD designs has been created keeping the forward-thinking expression of the brand in mind that would capture both the royal game world and the real world. 







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